April 18, 2017

"Dare in Brocca" camo collection

     We're proud to present the "Dare in Brocca" camo collection for the SS2017.

     The name for this camo cames from a north Italian motto (from Brescia) wich 
     means "hit the target". It's also on an artwork commissioned to Guido Marussig
     by the Italian Poet and military man Gabriele D'annunzio from wich 
     world famous weapons brand Beretta took his logo. 
     This particular Urban Camouflage pattern is made in Brescia by one of our 
     best technical fabrics suppliers as well as the waterproof and breathable 
     laminated black fabric. 
     The carbon-look two-way zipper is an Italian Lampo© by Lanfranchi 
     wich comes from the same area of Northern Italy.
     Now available Online.