Cima backpack - How we make it

    Arch Industry X Southfresh cloth.thing
    Fine materials
    Quality leather

    Some flicks just to show you how we make the 'Cima' backpack.

   Available here from 10 December 2012.


Cima is a waterproof top-loading backpack made of oil green PVC coated fabric and premium leather with desert camo interior. It features a capacious main compartment, which can be accessed via the roll-top or by the top-front zip. The backpack has a big pocket on the back perfect for a 15" computer as well as a small one on the front, both with a soft touch-interior. A drawstring closure allows the shape of the bag to be altered to meet your needs. It's finished with leather details and a desert camo patch with embroidered southfresh logo.
The product is handmade in collaboration with the Italian brand Arch.

-waterproof coated pvc / leather / desert camo interior / fluffy pocket
-Large main compartment with roll-top and Drawstring Closure
-coated zip

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