We are proud to show you the first original Southfresh Camo
    made in collaboration with the great Italian artist Giorgio Bartocci.

Actually, if by one side urban-artist Giorgio Bartocci designed exclusively for Southfresh an unedited artwork with golden details - dubbed 'Mimesis' (in which vacuous multifaceted humanoids float off the liquid modernity, lost in 'tigerstripe' patterns-alike streams) - on the other the brand used at best the whole artwork or several fragments to enhance its typical inserts and pockets, among which the oversize one newness.

Moreover, Southfresh's 'Cloth-Thing' mission didn't just happen into the fabrics research, but it especially focused on their developement, not by chance Giorgio Bartocci's artwork finds its habitat on materials such as wool jersey, silk and velvet. Materials ad hoc studied and designed by Southfresh from the same 'site-specific' viewpoint the urban-artists uses for his wallpaintings. An elegant 'street win win'.

'GB Camo S1' Capsule Collection by Giorgio Bartocci x Southfresh features tees and sweaters played upon black-white-grey tones plus the classic inserts-pockets with the premium artwork and fabrics, besides fine silk foulards and wool scarves with the whole artwork in the former case and a cool all-over detail in the latter. In between post-graffiti and streetwear, this FW-15 capsule too is 'Freshly Made in Italy', as usual. 

Now available Online.

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