L'Atlas in Milan

Some pictures from the CRYPTOGRAMS exhibition of the French artist L'Atlas 
@Wunderkammern gallery in Milan.

L’Atlas has started his artistic path by painting in the streets of Paris in the ‘90s
His strong interest for the techniques and the history of calligraphy later brought 
him to study Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy in different countries around the world. 
He created his own typography and has based his work on letters and forms,
always favouring black and white for their capacity to create an optical vibration while 
observing the artwork. 
In his artistic production it is possible to find a combination and a synthesis of elements deriving from Graffiti, Geometric Abstraction, Optical Art and Kinetic Art. 

“[…] life is energy and also calligraphy is energy, painting is the translation of pure energy”

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